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what if the real fediverse was the friends we made along the way?
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I always forget about the SDF shell, and the 100 other shell accounts I’ve acquired over the years to be fair. I should really catalogue them somewhere

Thinking about “The Tortoise and the Hare” and how the message is supposedly “slow and steady wins the race” when in reality it’s more like “if you’re better than someone don’t rest on your laurels otherwise they will beat you”…

#honk 0.9.9 "Eat the Bugs" is released.

It fixes a bunch of stuff. It's a few weeks late because I kept fixing stuff, but that'll never end, so here it is. We've run out of version numbers before 1.0 unless we resort to numerative easing, so this may be your last chance to earn an exclusive beta tester nft.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.

IMAP rant

Someone asked on IRC so…

20:44:35 <emersion> IMAP has some… "creative" ways of doing things
20:57:54 <DemiMarie> Such as?
21:42:50 <emersion> the grammar being somewhat regular but not regular enough to be parsed without special cases for each command
21:43:35 <emersion> the currently selected mailbox being part of the state (and making it difficult to monitor multiple mailboxes without opening one TCP connection per mailbox)
21:44:38 <emersion> the literals (binary blobs) being interleaved with the rest of the grammar, making it very difficult to handle them without buffering the whole thing in memory
21:45:44 <emersion> many commands being over-engineered, e.g. STORE only does flags updates but is generic enough to theorically apply any kind of update
21:45:56 <emersion> UIDVALIDITY
21:46:01 <emersion> … the list goes on