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Some people are so poor all they have is stuff

on the super-rich

Still cannot understand how people could even remotely think that the super-rich would do anything even remotely for the good of "the people".

Allow me a couple of anecdotes.

I help a small independent English children's bookshop in Geneva which stocks over 10'000 titles and has prices which are often lower than Amazon's¹ plus you get a chance to actually look at the books first which, with children, is often a good idea.

Geneva is not known for being a poor area of the world, indeed it is packed with diplomats and associated staff enjoying tax-free salaries plus several large companies enjoying their reduced company tax. These are all people with serious amounts of disposable income.

What these people do is that they come to visit the bookshop, look and select the books, take pictures of the ISBN and then hunt for them online.

Not only, if you ask them where they shop even though they have more than enough money to shop in Swiss supermarkets they will always go across the border into France to buy anything and everything at discount stores.

And yet they drive ridiculous Porsche SUVs² which they change every year.

Bottom line is that the rich, and even more so the ultra-rich, don't remain rich by actually paying people doing real work to survive nor by actually spending the money they have (i.e. "trickle down economics" is absolute rubbish).

Just stop worshipping them, even if they started Tesla or SpaceX or Amazon. They are doing it to line their own wallets in gold not to benefit anyone else and have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

¹ if you think that Amazon is still the cheapest way to get books as it was back in the '90s then think again: they have optimised their loss-leader strategy and, while the first book might be cheap, you can be assured that the others in a multi-book order are not.
² they are ridiculous because in a European city they are far too large, because they look like overweight Porsche cars and because nobody needs a SUV with outrageous horsepower.

Stupid bloody train strikes making me miss SikTh tonight 😭

Hacking isn't like watchdogs, it's more like that montage/timelapse scene in Hackers where they're just reading code and drinking soda for hours and hours.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming and a lot of it is just research, but that's part of what makes the payoff so great.

I mention this because I recently got a #FlipperZero and I was looking at the discord communities and seeing a lot of very green folks there.

Frankly, I think one of the best things about the Flipper Zero is the fact that it makes a lot of these protocols more accesible to new #Hackers and #Makers than ever before! So it's a bit disheartening to also see how many people are there looking at it as more of a 'prank' device or a gimmick to impress their friends and who seem to have no interest in actually learning anything.

Don't get me wrong, there's a LOT to learn when it comes to a device like this. I don't expect a newcomer to jump in headfirst and start programming firmware, soldering up new modules, and generating bruteforce playlists in python. I'd be happy if people were just _curious_ about some of the things they were playing around with on the flipper and picked one or two of those things to look at.

The flipper, brilliantly, stores (almost?) all the captured data in various text formats, so newcomers can capture their tap card and then see the raw data in a text file that they can easily edit and experiment with sans coding.

Luckily, I can see that even amongst this demographic that there are people who have started to dive deeper. What may have started as a desire for a shiny gadget to chase tiktok prestige is turning some of these youngsters towards the dark arts, and I think that is absolutely a new positive.

Hacking _is_ a montage. It's hours, days, months of research. It's trial and error, educated guesses, and experiments. Hacking isn't a tour, it's unguided exploration.

Sure, it can be frustrating and time-consuming, I don't think we'd want it any other way.

#Hacking #HackThePlanet #FlipperZero #Flipper

I keep forgetting that drinking in Dublin is not the same as drinking in England